Baby Buddy Polkadot Comforter
Baby Buddy Polkadot Comforter

Baby Buddy Polkadot Comforter

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Treat your little one to a cute little comforter and you’ll find they sleep right through the night from the moment it arrives. Whether they are self-soothing, teething, or missed a nap earlier in the day, their new little buddy will be right there by their side. Perfect when you want to be able to put them down and watch them drift off into a deep sleep so they grow big and strong.

  • Beautifully crafted using Fair Trade materials every step of the way, and available in a variety of cute designs
  • Organic cotton comforter will soon become the one thing they’ll never want to be without
  • Perfect for building self-confidence as baby learns to self-soothe
  • A chance to give back to the world by buying a product that’s bought and sold for a fair price
  • Age Recommendation - Suitable from birth
  • Care Instructions - Machine wash at 40C, Tumble dry
  • Material - 100% GOTS Egyptian Organic Cotton
  • Size - approx 20cm x 24cm

Under The Nile have a gorgeous range of 100% Egyptian organic cotton clothes and toys.  Under The Nile was founded by Janice Masoud over 20 years ago, with a background in fashion design and production, she was a new mom who was on a mission to find clothing which would not irritate her baby’s sensitive skin.  After much research she decided to start her own organic clothing company, that was sustainably sourced and ethically made, to not only benefit her own children, but to benefit all children.

Under The Nile was the first organic children’s clothing company in USA to become GOTS certified and are also the only baby clothing company in the world to have the Gold Seal Of Egyptian Cotton.

The cotton used in Under the Nile products is not just organic, it is biodynamic. Biodynamic farming is essentially the treatment of animals, crops and soil as a single system in a sustainable way; the farm is completely self sustaining. This is a step up from traditional cotton farming, it means all the cotton is organic in its purest form.

We love Under The Nile’s company philosophy which is “to enrich the planet and the lives of everyone involved in our business, from cotton to customer”.