Ecosia; Where Your Searches Help Plant Trees

It's no secret that we at Little Tots Toys believe that a small change can make a big impact. It is after all one of our company mantras. So it was a pleasant surprise to see the search engine Ecosia in our website analytics data this month. Even better it was the source of one of our sales.

If you have read our environmental policy, you will know we already track our impact on the world. And strive to improve at every turn. Our current packaging is worlds away from where we started!

Ecosia and Little Tots Toys

Who are Ecosia?

Ecosia have a similar ethos to ourselves, Capitalism for good. Ecosia still strive to make profit and cut operating costs but in a socially responsible way. These profits are then used to fund reforestation projects.

It is great to see that our customers are leveraging Ecosia's search engine to find us. In turn helping to fund the planting of trees which removes carbon dioxide from our world. Which also attempts to rectify deforestation in some of the poorest nations.

Since 2018, Ecosia have also used profits to fund the building of solar power plants too. They are now adding enough clean energy to the grid to power every search with 100% renewable energy. Combine this with the trees planted and every search made with Ecosia is actually carbon negative.

How Can You Help?

Simple, where possible use Ecosia as your search engine of choice. They make their money from advertisements supplied by BING. Clicking on these ads generate Ecosia revenue.

Now we will be the first to admit that Ecosia's search results are often not as comprehensive as say, Google's. Which is why we understand that transitioning to Ecosia for every search may not be possible. But as the company generates more money this situation will only improve.

To find out more about Ecosia and how they are making the world a better place head on over to: