About Us

Nikki - Head of Everything

Little Tots Toys Nikki Head of Everything

Age: A Lady Never Tells
Favourite Toy: New Phone

As the leader and chief, child and husband wrangler, Nikki is the glue that holds everything together. Her main business responsibility is to come up with the ideas and then delegate the implementation to the Head of Nothing.

She’s solely in charge of all personalised gifts, as the other team members aren’t allowed near the embroidery machine for fear of injury or breaking it.

Paul - Head of Nothing

Little Tots Toys Paul Head of Nothing Age: Closer to 40 than 30
Favourite Toy: PerfectDraft Beer Machine

We can safely say we know where the children get their mischievous side from! If Paul isn’t found in the house, then it’s a pretty good guess he’s at the local pub in a “meeting” or “working” or some other reason. Paul’s main responsibilities are anything the Head of Everything asks, along with eating the sweets that are supposed to go in each order.

Cody - Head of Quality Control

Little Tots Toys Cody Quality Control

Age: 5 years
Favourite Toy: Talking Spider

Trying to get this not so little one’s attention to do any quality control is problematic these days. He can usually be found up to mischief doing things he shouldn’t, to either his little brother or the poor dog. The giveaway is he can’t help but laugh uncontrollably while doing it, so we always know when he’s up to no good!

He can’t open a box and check the quality without wanting to have something for himself, like his brother, so we try to order something extra for him too.

On each order we send out, Cody oversees us parents, checking everything is included, packed nicely, taped up and if he hasn’t eaten them, include some sweets for the adults!

Jasper - Head of Product Testing

Little Tots Toys Jasper Head of Product Testing

Age: 2 years
Favourite Toy: My First Diplodocus

When not crawling around and pulling everything out of any cupboard within his reach, Jasper likes nothing better than to sit and throw a toy so he can go off and collect it. We can only assume he’s seen how much the dog enjoys this game with Cody, that he thinks it’s worth a go as well.

Jasper is really lucky as he gets his hands on a few selected toys from each order we place. There’s no better test than letting a little destroyer at them!