We care about the environment as we know it’ll be your kids, and there’s, that are here enjoying it well into the future. We believe that a small change can make a big impact and this is where we try and set ourselves apart from other companies, especially the big ones. We’ve worked hard and spent many an evening searching the web for ideas of how we can make our business fulfil our ethos.

When you make a purchase from us, you are helping to reduce waste, as we try to source packaging made from recycled materials, FSC certified and that you can recycle at home. 

Here’s a rundown of what we do. Transparency is a key part of our business model, so we have listed the good the bad and the ugly below. This is continuous development for us and we are working hard with suppliers to make us even more eco friendly in the future.

In June 2020 and we have now teamed up with our local council who have provided us with a commercial recycling bin. This means that all of the cardboard packing that we don’t reuse that comes from our suppliers can be recycled. We can also recycle all of our shredded paperwork and the odd can of Pepsi Max drunk while picking your orders in our warehouse.

Eco Friendly Packing Materials

Little Tots Toys Eco Friendly Packing Materials

Eco Friendly Printing Materials

Little Tots Toys Eco Friendly Printing Materials