First Babygrow! Why hide them when you can display them?

Babygrow Framing: How it all began

I think we’re all in the same boat here, even we’ve done it, put our loved ones’ first babygrow away somewhere safe. Then during a tidy up, or more likely changing to the next size clothes, you stumble across it at the back of a wardrobe or cupboard.

You can’t help but get it out and hold it up, remembering how small they were, how amazing an experience it was. Then eventually put it back in the box or bag to be returned to its place of safe keeping, not to be seen for a while. We actually did this, found it while changing Jasper’s wardrobe clothes to the next size up and then thought “why not hang it up and display it”! That way we can always remember how small Cody our Head of Quality Control was when he was born.

A quick scour of the internet and surprisingly there wasn’t much on offer, plenty of How-To’s for DIY mounting and a small handful of companies offering what looks like an amateurish offering. Neither the DIY options nor the ‘professional’ offerings matched the quality we wanted. A bit more research and we discovered that the cheap and amateur framers can simply staple or glue the garment to the mount. This would obviously cause damage to a babygrow during framing and worse if we ever wanted to remove it from the frame, it could cause even more damage, ruining that precious memory.

After searching high and low, speaking to loads of different companies, we finally found one that truly understood the quality we wanted. After months of collaboration, testing and design changes, we are now proud to offer what we would consider the most professional baby clothes framing service on the market.

There’s absolutely no staples or glue used in mounting your clothes! We carefully mount them using small tags and safety pins (if needed), which means no damage. If you ever wanted to take the clothes back out of the frame you can do so with no damage at all, not that we think you’d ever want to. This process does costs more in materials, in skill and in time, so if you are considering using a cheaper service, do check how they mount the clothing and specifically ask if they use glue or staples.

Babygrow Framing: What we offer

To start, we are offering a Essential Babygrow Framing and a Premium Babygrow Framing service. However if you don’t see what you are looking for, we are always up for a challenge so please contact us on framing[at]

The essential is perfect for a simplistic look with limited options. The premium offers a more luxurious look with the addition of photos and more colour choices. Below is a comparison chart for both options.

Babygrow Framing: How It Works

Step 1.

You select and purchase a framing product from us. Once the order is placed and paid for we will send you a booking email within 24 hours of checkout.

The booking email is essential and designed to collect additional information which isn’t automatically collected during the checkout process. It provides details of where you need to send your clothing to, gives you an opportunity to confirm the order details and make any last minute changes or corrections.

Step 2.

Next you need to send us the item to be framed. On the booking email you will find our office location, within the package please include your details and order number, to allow us to process the delivery as quickly as possible.

We strongly recommend using a signed for or tracked service. You are responsible for getting the items to us safe and sound. After it is in our possession we will take care of it until it is back with you.

Most items should fit within the Royal Mail Large Letter format and depending on weight prices are below

 Royal Mail Click & Drop Prices (01/04/2020) 1st Class 2nd Class
Royal Mail Signed-For (upto 250g & £50 cover) £2.94 £2.70
Royal Mail Signed-For (upto 500g & £50 cover) £3.44 £3.13
Royal Mail Tracked (upto 500g & £100 cover) £4.02 £3.60
Royal Mail Tracked & Signed (upto 500g & £100 cover) £4.86 £4.44


Step 3.

Once we are in receipt of your babygrow we will confirm this and then professionally frame it as per your instructions on the order and booking form. Once framed we send photos of the item to you for approval before we ship the now framed item back to you.

Step 4.

We carefully pack your frame in our custom made boxes and send on a next day service through DHL. This is insured and you will receive a text and/or an email letting you know when it is on the way.