How to Get Your Kids to Put Tech Down and Spend More Time Exploring Outdoors

Everywhere we turn, technology has been infused into every fibre of our being. While it makes things extremely convenient to have the world at our fingertips, sometimes it can be a challenge to disconnect and live in reality. It’s even harder for kids who spend more time than previous generations in front of screens.

Help your kids see real life outside those screens with these tips to unplug from tech and get more time outdoors exploring the world.

- Be the example you want to see

Kids learn from what they see us do, so if you want them to spend more time playing and imagining outdoors, you’re going to have to lead the way. Don’t just tell them to put down their phones when you’re still staring at yours. Get out there together for a family walk, head to the park, or take a family bike ride.

- Set limits for tech time

There’s nothing wrong with some screen time, especially when it’s spent learning. But even with well-intentioned time in front of technology, there need to be limits in place. Create a schedule that everyone can follow in the family and stick to it. You should also put conditions in place for having screen time. Things like making sure rooms are clean, reading for at least 30 minutes, and spending time outside playing first are all great conditions to be met before allowing more time using devices.

- Make a bucket list for outdoors

Sit down as a family and come up with a list of things you’d love to do outdoors. Let everyone contribute an idea. Each week, make it a point to check one of these items off your list. It will get everyone off the tech and out into the fresh air.

- Play a family game outside

You can set up a board game or use your whole garden for sports. The key is to get the entire family off their phones and other devices and outdoors to play together. Don’t let a lovely day slip by without getting out there!

- Get some help creating outdoor adventures

If you’re not sure what else to do outdoors with your kids or they have grown tired of the usual things you do outdoors, there are other ways to create adventure. Children ages six and up are the right age for activities like pressing flowers you find in the wild or creating an herbarium. With the Den Kit Company, adventure will be in your nature to help you and your children explore more together.

- Keep at it

While getting your kids off their devices may initially go over like a lead balloon, the key is sticking to your new plan. As you develop this new family habit, everyone will start to enjoy this part of the routine and look forward to the discoveries and adventures you have as you create these new memories amid the beautiful outdoors.