Why Buy Organic Baby Clothes? These 7 Reasons, That’s Why!

“Organic” seems to be the buzz word of the year. Everywhere you go, the coffee shop, soft play, kids club, the café, you’ll likely hear a conversation involving it. So why should you spend out those extra hard earnt pounds on organic cotton? Surely it’s not that different to regular bog-standard normal cotton? Well, read on if you want to know what makes buying organic cotton baby clothes the right choice.

The benefits of buying organic baby clothes can be broken down into three distinct groups based on what or who they benefit; the environment, the farmers and your baby

The Environment

Just like you, we care about the environment and by looking at our ethos you can see we do what we can to limit our impact on it. It’s not just your children, but theirs’ and the future generations of your family that will have to live in it. When you buy organic cotton, you really are helping the environment, and these are the reason why: –

1. Reduced Water Consumption by 91% (*)
2. Reduced Pollution of Waterways by 26% (*)
3. Reduced Greenhouse Gasses by 46% (*)

Just a small fraction of the world’s farmland is used to grow cotton (around 2.5% of agricultural land if you wanted to know) but shockingly in its production, 16% of all insecticides and 6.7% of all herbicides worldwide are used. These pollute the soil and then get washed out into rivers and groundwater. The use of industrial nitrate-based fertilizers also leads to a nitrous oxide production (which you might be familiar with from your labour, as its also known as “gas and air” or “laughing gas”) but this is 300 times more destructive than carbon dioxide.

Did you know that, on average, it takes 2,700 litres of water to produce a single cotton t-shirt? This is enough water to sustain a person for around 900 days! Buying an organic t-shirt takes roughly only 250 litres of water instead. The WWF are predicting, at the current consumption rate, that by 2025 two thirds of the worlds population may face water shortages.

The Farmers

Like everything else you buy, there wouldn’t be any cotton at all unless the farmers grow it and they only do this if there’s demand. That demand comes from you, the consumer, buying lovely organic cotton products. The farmers benefit by: –

4. Helping to Feed their Families
5. Gives them Control not GM Companies

As there are no chemicals used, a lot of farmers grow other crops alongside their cotton, which can provide additional food for themselves and their local communities. The use of genetically modified (GM) seeds is also prohibited in organic farming. This means farmers have a wider choice of companies to buy seeds from, not just a handful of GM companies.

Your Baby

Probably the most important reasons for you! So much so you might have skipped straight here. These are the ones you will be able to see for yourself. Buying organic baby clothes, your baby will enjoy: –

6. Wearing Softer and More Comfortable Clothing
7. Clothing That Is Kinder for Skin and Allergies

You will notice the difference yourself when you feel how soft organic cotton is. As it’s not had chemicals sprayed on it and harsh farming processes, it ends up being naturally soft. A baby can’t tell you if their clothing is itchy, but with organic, you can be sure it’ll be the softest thing against their skin. It also has the added benefit of wicking away moisture, ventilates cool air so baby won’t feel too hot and be in damp sweaty clothes.

As this is pure cotton it will also affect your baby less if they suffer from skin conditions or allergies. There’s no nasty stuff used in their production, so there’s none of that leftover in the material to be absorbed into your baby’s skin.

In Conclusion

If you’ve made it this far then give yourself a pat on the back! We hope you now have a better understanding why you should spend out those extra hard earnt pounds on organic cotton baby clothes. We aren’t saying clear the wardrobes and replace everything, that would be madness and expensive! Next time you want to treat your little one to something special, simply buy something organic. Your one purchase is better for your baby, the environment and the farmers.

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